Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday Dungeon Brawl

Last Evening's game went fantastically!  There were 3 Player teams, and 2 DM teams, along with 3 monsters and a lot of traps!
The Player Teams were Team Armageddon Chumba the barbarian and Rouge the Cleric
Team Blaine Consisting of Blaine the Archer/Fighter, and the Nameless Rogue!
Team halfway house, Consisting of a rather thuggish fighter, and a shady character that excelled at finding traps.

The DM teams rolled at random from a pool of 4 ready to play were
Team Axiom-Hawkeye, the archer and his Summoner friend Lurch the halfling
Team Grumpus-A gnome sorceror, and Nytshade the mace wielding fighter.
The Arena was set for combat, with multiple levels, and 2 ogres, a gelatinous cube, and exploding Zombie were added to the mix.
The action started intensely with the Ogres being set upon by Team Axiom, Team Halfway, and Team Armageddon.  Bombzie the Zombie, and Team Blaine took a more careful and apprehensive approach.
Once the ogres were put down Team Axiom made a play for the second floor.  Chumba of team Armageddon and Rouge the Cleric made chase, but Rouge found himself cut down by Team Blaine's rogue strategy.  Seeing the Archer upstairs Team Grumpus abandoned that plan, finding the first floor and eventually a demise by a combination of Bombzie and Team Blaine who mopped up the kill shots.

 The mysterious fighter from Team Halfway House taking a much needed rest after being hit by an ogre, and finding a burning hands trap!
 Chumba (top left) angling around for the kill on Team Blaine!
 The halfway rogue finding a pit trap while trying to soften up and evade the unrelenting gelatinous cube!!!
 The Rogue finally meeting his end trapped between the Cube and Hawkeye the archer!

All in all A GREAT session!  PvP and a healthy dose of insanity!  Bombzie was ordered to pursue and stand beside as many people as possible while carrying a powder keg blessed with a delayed blast fireball.  Ten minutes into combat Bombzie brought both members of Team Grumpus to 3 hit points

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