Friday, September 30, 2011

fun add ins for Dungeon Brawl

So the arenas will have things like, arrow slits for archers to hide behind.  like this
 In front of the arrow slit is a 'pit' The edges are painted to try to give the illusion of depth.  I'm not that good at illusion painting lol!!!  Here's a better view

 Again these are made with Hirst Arts molds.  The Arena are interchangeable and I'm always adding pieces.

the scenery

Any scenery pictures I post are built using Hirst Arts molds, and other scenery products to dress it up.
I build and paint them myself.

The molds are awesome and can be bought here....

Action shots Dungeon Brawl

The first session of Dungeon Brawl!

The first session saw beginner teams with only first level characters squaring off with each-other, some zombies, and a dire ape.  Successful teams were then offered sponsorship and fourth level characters, and dueled again the following in game evening.  The arena was altered slightly and the teams, now with a 1st and 4th level character each, faced a dire bear, hellhound, and fire elementals.

We use Pathfinder 3.5 rules.  Looting of monsters, and treasure is allowed, looting fallen players is not.  Teams and players earn money and experience separately.  Team XP can buy more players to add diversity to a roster, helpers in future dungeons, and other bonuses and perks.  Individual loot and XP goes to character/player building.

The teams playing were The Unbleachables! (an all gnome team made up of gnomes deathly afraid of the bleaching malady), Team Armageddon (A halfling Cleric, later joined by a human barbarian), and Silent and Deadly (Tian casters, including a magus)

Each team started in one of several starting rooms selected based on initiative.  There were traps, there was treasure, and there was a giant angry monkey.  Team Silent and Deadly won the first heat, taking down the Gnome Summoner of Team Unbleachable and gaining the wee gnome eternal respect.  There was also the Jester, a Human Bard who made his way through the arena, sometimes aiding, other times tormenting the players, and attacking the Jester isn't allowed.

Dungeon Brawl

I am a lifetime gamer, and have been DM'ing for over 20 years.  This blog will focus on my present homebrew campaign.  Dungeon Brawl!  

On this world which I call Myrth it is widely believed amongst the scattered kingdoms that ancient civilizations, powerful races, various caves, and extra-dimensional spaces hold treasure troves rife with riches and loot waiting to be picked by brave adventurers.  Kids dream of adventuring while learning to farm, peasants listen to news of adventurers the way our culture watches sports.

That being said.  The world isn't that amazing.  There are certainly treasures out there, and dangers, and huge wild beasts, and exotic creatures, and long hidden ancient civilizations, and magic, and scary races, and portals to other worlds.  The average 'adventurer' is usually eaten by a bear/dragon/landshark or other regional threat within three days of departing for glory.  If they don't get lost.  However popular culture has given way to a brilliantly vibrant adventuring game...

Throughout the world, all the major cities have set up arenas...elaborate and amazing structures where magic, skilled builders, trapsmiths, and hunters have come together to maintain and modify dungeons.  Within these dungeons, on fair days, or rest days brave adventurers square off against monsters and each-other.  Clerics stand by, announcers give the play by play and color commentary to a crowd drunk with dreams of something better, and happy to watch the mishaps of adventures to feel better about the world.  Scrying pools in taverns, often have magical connections to arenas where people can watch the action from afar.  With the increased popularity of these games, other races have begun taking an interest.  The dark elves living deep underground to the north, are rumored to have arenas and are planning to invite some of the stars to special games.  The Island of Dym, long believed mostly myth by most people, is a land of magic and mages.  It is said to be building the most spectacular arena ever!  There is adventure out there, for the right team....with the right manager...and the right talent....

As players travel the world competing in different arenas, stories of real dungeons are heard, told and retold.  Between games, some of the more skilled players, explore.