Thursday, October 27, 2011

First piece for the Pirate Isle Arena

So Meade,
The so-called Pirate's Home Port is located on Isle of Low, East of Grand Fork and the Bridge.  Low is also home to a large Gnome population living in stilt villages throughout the Islands South Western Tidal Marshes.  The only other settlement of note on the large swampy island is Tyri.  Tyri is a largely human trading hub.  So for the Meade Arena I'm picturing water, with elevated platforms rising up out of it at various intervals.  So this is my idea for the platforms, this is the first and is minimally embellished.  I'm picturing rickety scratch built wooden structures hunched on other platforms.

I also tinkered with more than one color scheme on this one, consecutive ones would have just the pale green and white without the red and blue, Although I will probably keep the purple streaked grass.

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