Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fleshing out a world

More specifically Grand Fork...

The city of Grand Fork is magnificent.  Carter known to only travel in style The ship was enormous, but carried it's own wind and the force filled it's sails, almost lifting it out of the water as it sped up the coast to Sargenta and then across the Ocean to Merz, and then to Grand Fork in less than two weeks.  Now docked in the shadow of The Bridge and looking at the steps of Grand Fork cutting their way up the rocky coast, and caves and stairs carved into the granite face of the Bridge itself.  The air is tropical and warm, but the moisture and pungent jungle smell of the Lush land overpowers even the salty sea air.  Even from the lowest part of the city looking up the immense walls of the arena are visible.  perched at the edge of a drop-off one hundred feet below tenements huddle beneath it's immense bulk.  The games are tomorrow.  So many teams gathering...There would be games for days.  A festival.  Carter hails you a lavish coach and you are whisked to the large inn where most of the other teams seem to be staying.  Curiosity at the myriad of adventurer types wandering about makes you wonder which of these eccentric characters might you be squaring off with tomorrow.

   Inspirationally the Bridge is a massive Granite natural bridge that crosses the Mediterranean sized body of water to it's north east.  So the city is perched on a steep coast along the edge of this massive granite spire that stretches off into the ocean and out of site.  So literally there are houses, ornate walled stairs, and plateaus carved into the side leading up to the top, and the city sort of sprawls out away from the corner where The Bridge and the Coast meet.

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