Wednesday, November 30, 2011

some funny for your day

here enjoy your morning
 I'm already working on stats for the offspring, summon monster..WHAT THE F--- is that!!
 Grace Jones!!!!!!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

hey watch this video

This is part showing off, and part gauntlet for the group I game with....

 So guys...what level, what are you gonna make for a character, and what should we set starting equipment value....I'm thinking 12th level, epic point build....maybe 200,000 total gear value, with no more than 50k gold going to any one item...

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Post Thanksgiving funnies/photos n gamin'

 hot elf with bow of my favorite low level monsters
 pause and appreciate
 I love this picture
Frosty...the giant, or Danzig decide.....

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday

A youtube video I made for giggles.  Feel free to use it to wish anyone a Happy B-day, shares great on Facebook!

Monday, November 21, 2011


I cannot apologize enough for the WHOLE WEEK, I just went without posting.  It has been busy here in Dungeon Brawl land!  Unfortunately not with Dungeon Brawl related stuff!  However I do present....

I'm thinking I'll refer to it as the Clubhouse, or the Orc Fort....I'm picturing a brawl with this as an objective and there are three orc archers inside.  Just waiting to pick the brawlers off...while they try to get through the locked door.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Another endeavor

Hello faithful!!!  I am creating fun and whimsy collectables!  Please check out this Ebay collectibles are THE SHIT!
Here is the ebay link!  You know you want em!

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Game at Jetpack

Alright so yesterday afternoon I ran a Brawl at Jetpack comics in Rochester, NH.
The game went well.  I let each of the 2 players run 1 1st level character.  It was intended to be a get the feet wet event.
There was time during the roughly 3 hour block to run 2 events. 
The first was a Zombie Dungeon.
There were 2 PCs
10 Zombies
2 NPCs
1 Bombzie. Bombzie is a zombie with his hands full.  On round 10 Bombzie is a 6d6 Fireball.

 The Zombies started en masse in the cemetary square.  Team Bryson, a sword board elven fighter, and Marsh a rogue made up the PCs, who were somewhat cooperative while pleasantly competitive.
 Marsh skulking
Queen Bee jockeying for position
 The rogue not prepared to take a well armored fighter one on one
 Bryson's fighter picking off Zombies with thrown weapons
 The rogue pelting Zombies with crossbow bolts, but runs out of room to run
and meets his end.
 Round 2 involved 2PC, 3 NPCs, and a gelatinous cube.  Kid Timid The half Orc barbarian is engulfed while Bryson's fighter looks on.
 Managing to pull free, the stoic, now raging half orc takes to the high ground
 With the Cube down, the PCs quickly work to neutralize first the half orc, then Queen Bee, then Bridget the Dwarven cleric, who although well buffed couldn't seem to hit anyone.
 Bridget stood valiantly repositioning several times to avoid being flanked.
In the end it was Rogue vs Fighter toe-to-toe....with Bryson's fighter seizing the day.  Although the rogue did kite successfully for several rounds before being brought low, and Bryson's fighter was almost taken out by the last of 4 traps while pursuing the rogue.  All in all a fun epic fight...

The spirit showed in the Arena was not missed by the crowd nor did it go unnoticed by Carter, the publicity person for the big arenas.  It seems these brave warriors have the makings of local heroes after all!  They should expect recruiters from some of the bigger teams to be looking into them very soon.

Out of game I am going to write several traits based on team selection that would work for a Pathfinder APG style campaign.  As well as plenty of world background for using Dungeon Brawl as a living breathing campaign world.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Big projects in the works

Today I am getting some new pieces together, however I am also working on a fun side project that will be announced Monday or Tuesday.  So to Sate everyone here are some fun inspirational pictures!!!
 Character concepts.  Whether high fantasy, Anime, or real life all our characters have a little bit of this and a little bit of that.
 Monks say screw armor!
 I'm thinking tiefling concept myself.
 wait this doesn't fit with the whole character concept theme?  Of course it is Nigel Tufnel day....
While I loved the show, my favorite character wasn't Kenshin....

Thursday, November 10, 2011

another miniature

This is a reaper...Annasha Tomebreaker.....

More New pieces

Here are 2 more pieces!  These are to complement the Brawl environment.  There will also be a brawl game Saturday 1-4 at Jetpack comics in Rochester NH!!

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good morning All

What a busy weekend!
So after a crazy weekend, I got to play in the Serpent's skull game our group has going, Thanks Ben for DMing another great game.  My character Max....splattered many cha cha monkeys everywhere.  I think it's said Charuka and spelled yet a third way, but Max worries not about such trivial things. 
I need to get building some more pieces and it looks as though the first real playtest on strangers will be this Saturday at Jetpack Comics in Rochester, NH at 1 pm.  I'm trying to figure out what kind of game I want to run.  I liked the zombie stomp, but I'm only going to start players with 1 first level character each.  To get them used to the pace and PvP aspects of the game.  Also I want to flesh out the out of Arena game aspects with them.
So...I am also tossing a handful of inspiration, gaming,/nerd fun pictures in...cuz that's how I role (deliberate play on words!!)

So Mazes and traps.  As a DM Mazes are such an iconic epic idea.  As players they are tedious and boring, and can we kill something yet?  How to have the 'feel' of a maze while keeping the game playable.  I think I still have characters lost in of them sent me a postcard last week it was surreal.
Second...traps...The rogue always looks for traps.  I have done a timed dungeon or two in my time a la' Indian Jones where getting in and out, while traps are going off, and the place is coming down is part of the mystery.  Why do we assume all traps are hidden?  What about a line like this...

"From the doorway into the dungeon, you can all see a long hallway lined with menacing spikes, and deep slots along the walls.  The floor is a maze of blocks, each deliberately set to be at slightly different heights, sometimes higher or lower by two to three inches than the blocks around them.  Now that the dungeon door is open dim light begins to glow from the walls illuminating the hallway, about a hundred feet down the hall there is a door.  Somewhere beyond it heavy ancient gears begin to turn.  According to the map you bought the talisman you need should be right beyond that door, what do you all do?"

Thursday, November 3, 2011