Wednesday, October 5, 2011

First Dungeon Brawl Adventure Hook

Northeast of Tarkoff, sitting in volcanic foothills, and perched on the edge of the Great South Sands is Mulb.  Mulb is a grimy corrupt city housing miners who scratch their way into the volcanoes and mountains digging out the varied treasure that lurk there.  Carter who runs the Arenas across the sea, and has just awarded your team sponsorship and an invitation to cross the sea and compete in the big arenas, has gotten word that Mulb is interested in creating an arena.  He asks that before you come to Merz and Grand Fork that you visit Mulb as a local celebrity to drum up support amongst the locals.
However arriving in Mulb you are quick to find corruption, intrigue and several chances to get yourself and fellow Brawlers in trouble.

Each PDF will be a 1-2 session adventure for first to third, then second to fourth level characters.  Encounters, NPCs, and Maps will be included.  They will be on Ebay next week when I am home and able to quickly respond to a sale with an e-mail and attachment. (I'm hoping that someone with a game and no time for an adventure will look at what I have and be willing to pay a couple of bucks to have the night be all set!)  I also plan on including mini suggestions for monsters based on the DnD plastic line lol.

Stay tuned..... 

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