Sunday, March 25, 2012

Shameless Pandering

So I realize that my posts have been sporadic and not often enough at all lately.
To attempt to remedy that, I present...Shameless pandering!
Enjoy a few fantasy related images!
 No good can come from fighting someone who is blindfolded...we retreat
 cool claw glove thingamajig...wanna bang?

So tell me again, I just summoned a night before bed in the many rounds do I get?

Good night all....
-Pete....Just another DM

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Session two Dungeon Brawl.

This week after returning from slaying giant bugs, our heroes once again entered the arena.  They Freshly Levelled...Savannah the Paladin Archer, Our Stoic Dwarven Fighter, and Our gussied musketeer fought each other and some other brawlers...including a familiar Tian rogue... Grugg the half orc barbarian, Blackjack the Mwangi knife fighter...and Ninja the Tian rogue....put up a good fight but were not able to overcome our heroic make matters worse, there was an irate hill giant stuck in a pit...with a treasure one dared mess with Sasquatch the Hill Giant...infuriating him further.....Look here are some pictures...stay tuned in 2 weeks when the heroes explore some mysterious caves in the mountains...

Monday, March 5, 2012

The start of an official Brawl Campaign

So tonight I started my brawl campaign.  There were four players.
Seth-played a Musket wielding Gunslinger, I couldn't help but call him Pilgrim
Tabby-played a straight up greatsword swinging fighter.
Gretchen-played a paladin archer
And Adam played an axe throwing chain ball swinging dwarf

They were all introduced to the Arena for the first time, playing against each other, some Stirges, and a Tian rogue, that acted suspiciously ninja like.  A good showing and some stirge mopping was had by all.  In the end The gunslinger emerged victorious.  Felling Tabby with a lucky blow as both were grievously injured. 

After the event they were approached by the event organizer and offered a chance to look into a strange outbreak of huge bugs that the stirge catcher noticed on his last excursion.

The chance at lucrative income, reknown, and a chance to work together was too much of a sweet deal, and the group soon found themselves out in the country side killing huge centipedes, an ankheg, a big angry spider named peaches, and the demented halfling druid that made it all happen.

Using a fast XP advancement they were all able to level, which will move them up quickly in the brawl arenas...

They also conveniently found a map...that might highlight another explorable attraction.

This arena was small and fairly simple...mainly because the characters were so low level, as they advance the arenas and side dungeons will get elaborate and the enemies insane.  Expect underdark exhibitions..imagine voluntarily brawling with the local mindflayer bad-ass.  Or perhaps a vampire with a couple of class levels.  Then there's the Burning Island championships, a huge arena helmed by some of the greatest mages, in the world....
By 20th level the characters will be mighty, brutal, heroic, rock start heroes.