Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Donate Button

These blogs are ultimately a way for me to accomplish three goals or ends.

First they are an expression of several distinct parts of my personality.  As such I hope to use them to strengthen myself after three pretty rough years.  I don't need confidence so much as time and opportunity, confidence has never really been an issue.  Sanity maybe...

Second they are a way to network the things that I actually enjoy doing, at this point personal fitness, gaming, spirited/educated/philosophical conversation, and myself.  I plan to also voice some anti-political views in a counter-cultural way, and put out some funny jokes/pictures/videos etc.  So there will be at least two possibly three more blogs coming soon.

Lastly I hope to find some measure of success through them.  Either pocket money to support my own hobbies, a lead for a job through someone who I interact with through here.  Or a way to make my hobbies a profitable side venture.  It is a growing work in progress.

So for anyone that clicks on the donate button and uses Paypal to donate 1.00 US or more I will send the 17 page PDF of my first adventure.  It is a fun low level one shot.  I combine serious plot, with hack and slash, and seriously comedic encounter details.  Make sure you're email address comes through to get a PDF!

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