Monday, October 31, 2011


So New England and the little corner of Maine I live in got it's ass kicked by a bunch of snowflakes Saturday...I just got power back an hour ago!!

Here have some pics!!  A cool shot of fall foliage and snow, and the latest dungeon brawler...Red mantic Queen Bee, a bad ass brawl fighter!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

More fun and inspiration

Another round of pictures to inspire and compel...
Maybe a masters of the universe themed area of your campaign...fighting Skeletors henchmen...or maybe a world slowly being taken over by hell....or post apocalyptic fantasy...the end of the world with magic and beasts, but no technology...endless possibilities....It's why we game on paper.

 Is it just me or does it look like pinhead is doing the macarena?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

First piece for the Pirate Isle Arena

So Meade,
The so-called Pirate's Home Port is located on Isle of Low, East of Grand Fork and the Bridge.  Low is also home to a large Gnome population living in stilt villages throughout the Islands South Western Tidal Marshes.  The only other settlement of note on the large swampy island is Tyri.  Tyri is a largely human trading hub.  So for the Meade Arena I'm picturing water, with elevated platforms rising up out of it at various intervals.  So this is my idea for the platforms, this is the first and is minimally embellished.  I'm picturing rickety scratch built wooden structures hunched on other platforms.

I also tinkered with more than one color scheme on this one, consecutive ones would have just the pale green and white without the red and blue, Although I will probably keep the purple streaked grass.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

I present Monte

Well this is Monte another piece for Dungeon Brawl.  Monte is shown with a dwarf ranger with crossbow to highlight some fun ways Monte might be used.  He does provide cover, and Tiki comic relief.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A DMs note.

I thought I might illustrate the importance of Saving Throws....and Spot/perception checks....Enjoy

 A failed fortitude save at the tavern after getting a 1 to impress the tavern wench?
Failed reflex save combined with an abysmal ride score?
you rolled a 1 on your perception/spot check didn't you?

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Friday, October 21, 2011

rebasing heroclix

So I rebased a bunch of fantasy friendly heroclix (ie no obvious futuristic weaponry)  To use in Dungeon Brawl, because the costumes and flashiness seems to wrok for the arena mentality.

Blade, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, and Nightstalker.  Without the giant click base!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My favorite movie growing up

So Krull when I was in 2nd and 3rd grade was my favorite movie
I am waxing nostalgic and thinking a Krull themed dungeon might be in order.  Some Slayers, a Beast a glaive or starknife of some kind.  By far my favorite character had to be Torquil though.  Whoever made the weapons for that movie went all out!  There was more detail in the weapons and scenery than many comparable movies of the time!!
 Ergo...the magnificent
The Glaive
And a great group shot.  For those unfamiliar with the film, that's Liam Neeson in the background.  And torquil with the ax in the foreground.

Character or Build

What makes a great memorable character?  Is it that build that you nail that makes your character a force on the battlefield?  Or is it that eclectic mix of funky things you do mixed with a few epic near failures?  I went looking for cool character pictures...

This is just the tip of the iceberg lol, I miss the old arcade Golden Axe with the little gnome looking things that would steal from you...great game...

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday Dungeon Brawl

Last Evening's game went fantastically!  There were 3 Player teams, and 2 DM teams, along with 3 monsters and a lot of traps!
The Player Teams were Team Armageddon Chumba the barbarian and Rouge the Cleric
Team Blaine Consisting of Blaine the Archer/Fighter, and the Nameless Rogue!
Team halfway house, Consisting of a rather thuggish fighter, and a shady character that excelled at finding traps.

The DM teams rolled at random from a pool of 4 ready to play were
Team Axiom-Hawkeye, the archer and his Summoner friend Lurch the halfling
Team Grumpus-A gnome sorceror, and Nytshade the mace wielding fighter.
The Arena was set for combat, with multiple levels, and 2 ogres, a gelatinous cube, and exploding Zombie were added to the mix.
The action started intensely with the Ogres being set upon by Team Axiom, Team Halfway, and Team Armageddon.  Bombzie the Zombie, and Team Blaine took a more careful and apprehensive approach.
Once the ogres were put down Team Axiom made a play for the second floor.  Chumba of team Armageddon and Rouge the Cleric made chase, but Rouge found himself cut down by Team Blaine's rogue strategy.  Seeing the Archer upstairs Team Grumpus abandoned that plan, finding the first floor and eventually a demise by a combination of Bombzie and Team Blaine who mopped up the kill shots.

 The mysterious fighter from Team Halfway House taking a much needed rest after being hit by an ogre, and finding a burning hands trap!
 Chumba (top left) angling around for the kill on Team Blaine!
 The halfway rogue finding a pit trap while trying to soften up and evade the unrelenting gelatinous cube!!!
 The Rogue finally meeting his end trapped between the Cube and Hawkeye the archer!

All in all A GREAT session!  PvP and a healthy dose of insanity!  Bombzie was ordered to pursue and stand beside as many people as possible while carrying a powder keg blessed with a delayed blast fireball.  Ten minutes into combat Bombzie brought both members of Team Grumpus to 3 hit points

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fleshing out a world

More specifically Grand Fork...

The city of Grand Fork is magnificent.  Carter known to only travel in style The ship was enormous, but carried it's own wind and the force filled it's sails, almost lifting it out of the water as it sped up the coast to Sargenta and then across the Ocean to Merz, and then to Grand Fork in less than two weeks.  Now docked in the shadow of The Bridge and looking at the steps of Grand Fork cutting their way up the rocky coast, and caves and stairs carved into the granite face of the Bridge itself.  The air is tropical and warm, but the moisture and pungent jungle smell of the Lush land overpowers even the salty sea air.  Even from the lowest part of the city looking up the immense walls of the arena are visible.  perched at the edge of a drop-off one hundred feet below tenements huddle beneath it's immense bulk.  The games are tomorrow.  So many teams gathering...There would be games for days.  A festival.  Carter hails you a lavish coach and you are whisked to the large inn where most of the other teams seem to be staying.  Curiosity at the myriad of adventurer types wandering about makes you wonder which of these eccentric characters might you be squaring off with tomorrow.

   Inspirationally the Bridge is a massive Granite natural bridge that crosses the Mediterranean sized body of water to it's north east.  So the city is perched on a steep coast along the edge of this massive granite spire that stretches off into the ocean and out of site.  So literally there are houses, ornate walled stairs, and plateaus carved into the side leading up to the top, and the city sort of sprawls out away from the corner where The Bridge and the Coast meet.

Tomorrow night Dungeon Brawl

A few new players, for Dungeon Brawl this week so we are going to shift from the game we were in the middle of and run a new arena...I'm promising elevation and have a few great set up ideas....Lots of fun in game shots to follow!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Inspirational Post

As Gamers we draw inspiration for our hobby from MANY sources...
On behalf of the torrential downpour going on, I drummed up some inspirational pics for this morning.
All in fun...Stolen err garnered from around the web and some taken right here in my very own office!
Darkvision.......Low Light vision......torches......
 Check for traps?
 We have a Cleric right?
 Some of my figures
 I remember this building from art history....but forget who designed it....I suppose I could check, but it's just a cool building in Spain....
 Spawn has put out some cool figures over the years, and is a very gaming worthy idea trough
 kinda cool, and dorky all at once....
 Roll initiative.....or just run......
Maybe we shouldn't have burned down the inn in the middle of that poppy field.....

Enjoy your Friday!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Donate Button

These blogs are ultimately a way for me to accomplish three goals or ends.

First they are an expression of several distinct parts of my personality.  As such I hope to use them to strengthen myself after three pretty rough years.  I don't need confidence so much as time and opportunity, confidence has never really been an issue.  Sanity maybe...

Second they are a way to network the things that I actually enjoy doing, at this point personal fitness, gaming, spirited/educated/philosophical conversation, and myself.  I plan to also voice some anti-political views in a counter-cultural way, and put out some funny jokes/pictures/videos etc.  So there will be at least two possibly three more blogs coming soon.

Lastly I hope to find some measure of success through them.  Either pocket money to support my own hobbies, a lead for a job through someone who I interact with through here.  Or a way to make my hobbies a profitable side venture.  It is a growing work in progress.

So for anyone that clicks on the donate button and uses Paypal to donate 1.00 US or more I will send the 17 page PDF of my first adventure.  It is a fun low level one shot.  I combine serious plot, with hack and slash, and seriously comedic encounter details.  Make sure you're email address comes through to get a PDF!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Different views for modular

So when building modular pieces I am using three different ways to make modular pieces.  I use floors with edge pieces, seen on the left.  Floors with free standing walls that can go anywhere on the floor.  and floors with built in walls, seen unfinished in the back.  I don't know which I like best, I guess they all have their place, but using all 3 gives me a nice variety for ways to do things.
As always expanding my options and hoping to run another Dungeon Brawl session this Monday!  I will keep you all posted, and thanks again to Bruce Hirst, and for making cool molds that make all this scenery not just possible but economical!!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

My first PDF

This is the link for my first PDF on ebay!

 The adventure is selling for 2.50 USD A bargain for a night of gaming.  It has all the encounters and descriptions needed to play one night, along with my own style and flair as a Long Time DM!