Tuesday, July 24, 2012

attacking a fortified position

So I built a dungeon based on ruins in a jungle.  An evil warband...mostly Orcs headed by a handful of mercenaries. (levelled NPCs with a bunch of Orc thugs) Have found these ruins which have 2 healing fountains on them, and have found clues that the ruins might lead to a dungeon, but they haven't been able to find the door yet...The local militia...tired of the Mercenaries raiding local merchants have staked out a piece of the ruins and now need skilled PCs to force their way in and take out the well supplied mercenaries and their orc and monster henchman.

 the overview from the direction the PCs will enter.  The local militia with archers has managed to stay safe within the area that was once an entryway of some type.  However they are equally pinned down by orc archers.

 The PCs will have to move out cautiously and engage the enemy.
 It took Militia a while to find the Mercenary bandits, and they were fairly well settle, and very well supplied.
 The jungle has claimed large areas of whatever this structure once was
A side view....

Saturday, July 7, 2012

More new pieces!

Alright crackhead here are some new pieces!!!!!  There will be more SOOOOOOOOON
 Overview...painted another door for giggles...I still like color coding the doors, they look cool, and I can easily separate trapped, locked, etc, etc.
A close up of the newest 3x6 Wasteland piece
 Another 3" wall piece for when I want to hedge in some flat floors...with details...because the little details spread throughout the dungeon make it fun
A T-hallway again, with a little fun to keep it lively and different
A starting point for Dungeon Brawl....with comedy tragedy skulls....why....why not?!

Monday, July 2, 2012


So I am finally building again.  I threw together a few pieces that I'm dubbing the wasteland.  They are a little bit ruin, a little bit rocks, and a little bit maze.  So here are the pieces.

these are the new pieces....3 wasteland....a broken up watery 3x6 and a half hallway.

Then these are the new pieces thrown together with some existing pieces...there will be some brawling soon methinks...

the last two are just random detail close-ups....I like throwing little details in....I've dubbed those two skulls Statler and Waldorf.