Monday, December 12, 2011

On Brawl

So I look around at other bloggers and sites, and I try to think of what GRABS me, what holds my interest.  Obviously some day I would like to supplement my humble existence, or even live off gaming.  I know it's a pipe dream, but I am passionate enough about the hobby and have been doing it long enough to try even if nothing comes of it other than the experience (points).
So as I was saying.  There are lots of other systems, and optional rules for existing systems, and crazy campaign worlds.  What makes Dungeon Brawl so cool.  Is that it is fairly simple.  This doesn't help my cause for generating profit, but the idea works so easily.  You don't need 7 pages to track optional combat rules for your fighter, or 7 different ways to use your spell slots.  You just need whatever character you want to play and some grit.  You need to have the mindset that if my friend kills me this game, I might get him next arena!  In between there are traditional dungeons.  The fighter that charged the rogue before he could kite him, might look at the massive locked door and simply say "Ok...your turn."  Cuz that's how the game works.  There are infinite chances for great role playing, and the HUGE.
More so than in other traditional dungeon crawls...your character has a name and an audience, maybe a team theme, maybe not.  As it is Pathfinder based my goal is to have established traits related to team selection, or perhaps based on home arena for design flavor.  Whatever the way you want your character, that character can and will have fans...can have flair, signature moves, a penchant for blowing themselves up, whatever brings on the roar of the crowd!!

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