Monday, December 5, 2011

A different kind of heroes

So everyone makes a character...just like a normal campaign.  The campaign setting is an oppressive Lawful Neutral bordering on Lawful evil city.  As heroes, you must hide your identities to avoid the soldiers and secret operations force from finding out you are willing to fight anything.  Maybe you save a local from rowdy soldiers, or explore a section of the lost ruined undercity without permission or sanctioning...either way as you inevitably get more powerful it gets harder and harder not to attract the attention of the ruling and paranoid regime.  After a hard adventure you return to the city to heal and rest, and trade out your have to use black markets....but you are pumping money into the local economy...the locals aren't sure who you are, but secretly they love you for bringing some wealth to the commoners, and for not being one of THEM....the all oppressive city state....

The streets in this neighborhood are safe without the 'town watch' go hassle someone else...these are our streets.  You know they'll be back...the troops will go door to door....they can't have you challenging them like this....
Whose in?

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