Saturday, December 3, 2011

New Piece!

Alright this is my 'Lost Boys' themed piece for the pirate island motif....Because what would the Pirate Isle of Meade, be without some Peter Panesque Lost boys to go with platforms, and people living and fighting above the marshy wetlands....
 The dinosaur skull came from the local dollar store...2 dinosaur skeletons for a buck...a few seconds with the coping saw and BAM.
 The Lost Boys won't grow up, but they might use your skull as a decoration!
Parintachin....I may have misspelled it, but one of my favorite comics back in the day..R.I.P. Drew Hayes.
 One more view..I haven't glued the wooden platform down yet...I don't like the way it came out, I'm out of stain and it isn't in my budget right now lol....  However I might make an alternate stone platform maybe with another level for versatility.
Then a few pieces thrown together to show how a Pirate Island encounter area might be laid out.  I really like the way the lost boys piece came out!

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