Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Another Event

Alright last night's Arena Event.  3 player team...3 NPC teams, and 12 Zombies.

First off the Players
Team Armageddon making another appearance. 
With Chumba the nigh unstoppable Barbarian menace, her Earthbreaker hammer bringing death and woe!  Chumba's back-up Rouge a halfing cleric with definite goblin in his lineage, making a name for himself backing up the brutal tribal warrior!
Team Assassin, the ninja and her Witch sidekick, made a valiant play tonight in the debut, coming out strong against Zombies before retreating and stealthing away under the onslaught of spells brought by team Majik.
Team Dwarf, Hi Ho it's off to work for this stoic duo!  A well armored Cleric of Abadar, and his equally covered fighter friend.  They were not fast to join the fray, but heavy armor and lots of healing kept them in this one for quite a while!
Next the NPCs
Team Bee!  These two lovely ladies approach battle with zest and zeal!  Queen Bee, in her yellow and Black armor, and Blades, the ranger looked great out there tonight.  Blades' armor was quite cover your eyes!  Incidentally Blades also stood longer against Chumba that any other brawl player yet!  Might we one day see an upset to a brawny local favorite!  You'll have to stay tuned!!
Team Majik...F, the cryptic and cloaked wizard prepped well for the event, throwing fire with frightening effect, he quickly drew the wrath of almost every other team who knew better than to let him stand with his arcane might.  He was backed up by wimbles...a gnome sorceror....Wimbles ever the joker was somehow glamered to appear as a demonic ginger bread gnome for the event...what a kidder!
Lastly we find Kid Timid-A stout half orc, with a battle axe and shield.  His temper is legendary...although he seems slower to anger than many's tough to go it alone here in the Arena but Timid seems to have done it fairly well.  He went out early, but made a great showing..hopefully he'll be back!
We apologize for our coverage of the event, getting off to a late start there aren't many early pictures of the Zombie hoard swarming....even Bombzie made a return appearance!

An Aerial Shot of tonight's arena....Aerial coverage for this event provided by Farside Wands, whether it's scrying and levitate, or fireball...Farside has your expendable magic covered.
 F, managed to reach high ground and harry the other players with Scorching rays...bad aim might be the only reason he didn't win.
 Team Dwarf stumbled upon the invisible ninja....In her warpaint, she quickly made her escape.
 all the way to the tower, where she no doubt intended to lose her deadly throwing stars
 unfortunately Chumba was not about to be pelted from on high, and drawing several attacks while moving Chumba closed with and finished the poor ninja.
Blades made quick work of the dwarven fighter while Chumba was distracted by the ninja.
All in all a great event....Final XP totals were as follows!

Bee team-2050 total...2pvps a 50 xp trap and 6 zombies...Blades also had Chumba to 2 hit points at the end, had Chumbas rage run out she would have died.  The first level character Queen Bee earned enough to level.
Adam B's Dwarves-1500 1 PvP 2 zombies and a trap, also in on Adam J and Team Bee, and Chumba heavily ...they brought up the rear for a long time.
Team Ninja-1600...3 Zombies, PvP on the Sorceror, in on the rest at one point or another
Kid Timid the lone Orc-900...2 zombie kills
Team Majik (wizard and sorc)-1150 total...1 pvp on queen bee-1 zombie kill and harried just about every PvP with fire or electricity, just couldn't bring more down before the LAPD beat down started
Team Chumba-2300...4-PvPs in on 1 zombie, and almost brought low...Chumba has gained significant reputation for seemingly impossible arena stamina. 

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