Friday, September 30, 2011

Action shots Dungeon Brawl

The first session of Dungeon Brawl!

The first session saw beginner teams with only first level characters squaring off with each-other, some zombies, and a dire ape.  Successful teams were then offered sponsorship and fourth level characters, and dueled again the following in game evening.  The arena was altered slightly and the teams, now with a 1st and 4th level character each, faced a dire bear, hellhound, and fire elementals.

We use Pathfinder 3.5 rules.  Looting of monsters, and treasure is allowed, looting fallen players is not.  Teams and players earn money and experience separately.  Team XP can buy more players to add diversity to a roster, helpers in future dungeons, and other bonuses and perks.  Individual loot and XP goes to character/player building.

The teams playing were The Unbleachables! (an all gnome team made up of gnomes deathly afraid of the bleaching malady), Team Armageddon (A halfling Cleric, later joined by a human barbarian), and Silent and Deadly (Tian casters, including a magus)

Each team started in one of several starting rooms selected based on initiative.  There were traps, there was treasure, and there was a giant angry monkey.  Team Silent and Deadly won the first heat, taking down the Gnome Summoner of Team Unbleachable and gaining the wee gnome eternal respect.  There was also the Jester, a Human Bard who made his way through the arena, sometimes aiding, other times tormenting the players, and attacking the Jester isn't allowed.

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