Thursday, April 2, 2015

3rd Brawl week

Ran another fun Brawl Fight last night.  PvP tabletop is fun, because EVERY fight ends with one of zero, my last action will be to drop you before I The Goblin teams barbarian vs...Jackson the really attractive Ogre....who only participates in Dungeon Brawl because he can work out and pay for waxing.....

Or the Ranger/Oracle who made their way to the elevated area and given that it was April Fool's day yesterday the entire area was slippery.....
You can see the dynamic fighter duo of Oberyn and Gregor making their way towards the elevated area, they just have to get by the Ranger's Wolf....Team 'Thrones' has come in 2nd all three weeks, with a different team winning first each of the three weeks.

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