Friday, September 21, 2012


I realize I haven't posted in a while, I've been working a TON of hours.  I have a bunch of blocks cast, and am planning on building soon...but in the meantime here's the mini I just painted for our upcoming Runelords campaign....

The character's name will be Warchild....
Believe it or not he's a Cleric, but we are going to allow the optional battle Cleric rules...
So he won't have domains, or bonus domain spells...but he will have a full BAB and a d10 hit die.

Hailing from some cold mountainous foresty areas...Warchild was raised in caves, where his tribe often covered themselves in war paint, used all kind of primitive fetishes to predict the future, heal, and cast bad intentions on their enemies, and have a rich history of measuring toughness by how much you've survived.  He often throws chicken bones at whoever he's healing as a sign of luck.  In combat he tends to speak gibberish and taunt his enemies.  When he bursts or heals himself he definitely taunts his enemies that his god who he calls the den mother will take away the paltry wounds they did to him.  I'm picturing him as one of the bad guys from the 13th warrior. 
When a bad cave in killed most of his tribe he managed to crawl from the rubble only to find that the rest of his tribe had been killed by a rival tribe that capitalized on their weakness...disjointed he followed the other tribe's trail to the sea where he was no longer able to follow and has now wandered his way to the beginning of the Runelords campaign.  The journey took many weeks and he realizes that the other tribe has for the moment escaped him.  He hopes that one day fate will deliver them back to him.

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