Saturday, March 17, 2012

Session two Dungeon Brawl.

This week after returning from slaying giant bugs, our heroes once again entered the arena.  They Freshly Levelled...Savannah the Paladin Archer, Our Stoic Dwarven Fighter, and Our gussied musketeer fought each other and some other brawlers...including a familiar Tian rogue... Grugg the half orc barbarian, Blackjack the Mwangi knife fighter...and Ninja the Tian rogue....put up a good fight but were not able to overcome our heroic make matters worse, there was an irate hill giant stuck in a pit...with a treasure one dared mess with Sasquatch the Hill Giant...infuriating him further.....Look here are some pictures...stay tuned in 2 weeks when the heroes explore some mysterious caves in the mountains...

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